About Us

Before opening our firm – “Harsh Impex” in the year 2009, we have been engaged in cultivation and farming since last four generations, we have our own farms in Mahuva regions of Gujarat – India which is world famous for its Onion & Cotton Farming suitability. We also have Organic Farming practices for our Pomegranate farm.

We offer a gamut of products that encompasses Cultivating, Processing, Trading and Exporting of Fresh & Dehydrated Vegetables like Onion, Garlic along with Raw Cotton Shanker -6. We can also provide Pomegranate especially cultivated at our Nature Friendly organic farm. The above said products are pure, with high nutritional value and freshness.

We are also experts in exporting Polished Diamonds. We buy rough Diamonds from Genuine Suppliers to process and shape the look & quality wise best shaped Diamonds to our renowned buyers.

We offer two varieties for Fresh & Dehydrated Onions Red Onion and White Onion.

1) Warehousing, Cold House & Packaging we have a spacious warehouse which allows us safe storage of all the Fresh Onions. Grading is carried out to ensure optimum packaging of different onions separately. We maintain high emphasis on maintaining the high hygiene level of Fresh Onions. For Dehydrated Onion & Pomegranate we opt for best suited Temperatures in our Cold House.

2) Group we own a highly skilled team that consists of diligent and highly qualified professionals in their respective fields. Our team works in full harmonization in order to meet the high quality standards and timely delivery of the products.

3) Our specialty: Quality Controllers of our firm examine the vegetables / fruits on several aspects such as flavor, freshness, aroma and nutritional content before the final dispatch

  • No negotiation when it comes to quality of Material.
  • Most competitive current rate in the Market.
  • Uniformity in Size of Onions.

Size related supply of onions

  • 20 - 30 mm
  • 30 - 40 mm
  • 45 mm +
  • 50 mm +
  • 55 mm +

Type of Packaging we offer Mesh Bag packaging Jute Bag packaging.