Groundnut is the one of the world’s important oil seed crops. Its seeds are rich sources of edible oil (43-55%) and protein (25-28%). Chain and India are the major producers of groundnut followed by Sub- Saharan African countries and central South America.

Groundnut is the major oil seed of India. It accounts for around 25% of the oil seed production of the country. Annual production 5-8 million tons. Production is highly vulnerable to rainfall deviation and display huge fluctuation between years. Gujarat, Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra are the major producers of seed.

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India is the second biggest producer of peanuts in the World after China. India and China produces about 2/3rds of total peanut production of the World. Annual production of peanuts in India exceed 6 million metric tonnes. The two major varieties of peanuts produced in India are Bold (Virginia) and Java (Spanish).

General Specification of Peanut Seeds

Particulars Specification
Flavor  No rancid/sour or moldy taste
Moisture Content  8% - 7.5%
Imperfect nuts (broken)  4% max. tolerable level
Yeast and Mold count  < 50 cfu/gram

Specification for Peanuts Without Shell

Bold Java
Sr No. Peanut Size Sr No. Peanut Size
1 Count 50 / 60 1 Count 50 / 60
2 Count 60 / 70 2 Count 60 / 70
3 Count 70 / 80 3 Count 70 / 80
4 Count 80 / 100 4 Count 80 / 100

Specification of Peanuts With Shell

Sr No. Peanut Size
1 Count 24 / 28
2 Count 28 / 32

Specification of Groundnut Meal

Parameters Specifications
Protein45 % Min.
Moisture10 % Max.
Oil Content 1 % Max.
Sand & Silica2.5 % Max.
Fiber14 % Max.